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Chiropractic Care for Athletes in Plymouth

We Support Your Best Performance

Plymouth sports chiropractic at Experience Wellness Chiropractic

Dr. Jeremy has a unique ability to provide effective health care to athletes.

At Experience Wellness Chiropractic, we firmly believe that every athlete deserves the opportunity to be checked and adjusted regularly by a Plymouth sports chiropractor to maximize and enhance their performance.

Getting You Back in the Game

Dr. Jeremy Faue has a unique ability to provide effective health care to athletes. Along with courses he took on extremity adjusting, Dr. Jeremy has a background as an athlete. He spent two years working with a chiropractor who saw many of the Minnesota Vikings as patients.

An avid sportsman, Dr. Jeremy has played football, golf, hockey, basketball, wrestling and track. His athletic experience gives Dr. Jeremy a unique perspective on the demands a sport places on an athlete.

Dr. Jeremy played on the University of Minnesota’s football team in college and understands how important it is to recover from an injury or improve your abilities. Digital X-rays are taken on-site.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you deserve to perform at your best. Schedule your visit with Dr. Faue today!


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