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Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Plymouth

prenatal chiropractic adjustment

Helping pregnant moms in Plymouth

Helping Pregnant Moms Rest Easy

At Experience Wellness Chiropractic we want to educate, empower and inspire moms through pregnancy and birth.

By working with your nervous system we allow your body to communicate efficiently so there is less stress for you and your baby! This stimulates healthy development as baby grows as well.

Our doctors are certified in the Webster Technique which focuses on reducing and relieving intra-uterine constraint.

This allows for more relaxation for mom and baby as the tension throughout the pelvis is released. Which lets baby assume the ideal and optimal head down position if possible.

More Comfortable & Overall Enjoyable Pregnancy

After a painful and challenging pregnancy with my first child, I just assumed that my second would be just as painful. I was so wrong!

Under the care of Experience Wellness Chiropractic, my pregnancy has been more comfortable, energetic and overall enjoyable. I have been able to continue with my regular routine of yoga, fitness classes and carrying my toddler without any pregnancy discomfort.

I leave here knowing my body and mind are ‘set’ and feeling aligned, balance and overall healthier.”

Ashley S.

Labor and Delivery

Women under consistent chiropractic care have shown shorter average delivery times and less need for interventions. The awesome moms in our offices have found more restful sleep, more energy, and less overall discomfort.

We have a network of providers to best serve and support you. Whether it is birthing classes, a midwife, doula, or lactation consultant, we are here for YOU!


Once the baby is born the work is done, right? Not true! Even the most ideal birth can be traumatic on mom as well as baby. That is why we are here to care for you postpartum as well to ensure your body is set for ideal healing. Healthy baby, healthy mom, healthy (and happy) family! And we continue to care for your child with gentle, effective Plymouth pediatric chiropractic care.

Plymouth prenatal chiropractic care can help you and your baby! Reach out today to learn more.


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