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Meet Dr. Brenna Highby

Dr. Brenna Highby

Dr. Brenna Highby of Experience Wellness Chiropractic in Plymouth

Pregnancy Expert

Dr. Brenna is the pregnancy expert at EWC and loves support mom and baby through their incredible journey. She specializes in both pregnancy and pediatric care and is Webster Certified through the ICPA. Her neurologically based chiropractic care focuses on the function of the nervous system to find the root cause of the health concern. This whole-body approach allows the body to heal naturally from the inside out.

She started her own healing journey right at EWC. This is where she began to have life changing results through Tonal based chiropractic care. She had more energy, better focus, decreased anxiety and a stronger immune system!

Community Connections

Her mission is to educate and empower families of all ages in their health so they can live the most vibrant life possible. Dr. Brenna is our go to community resource to connect our patients with any additional resources needed. She has a passion to unite chiropractic care to Plymouth and the surrounding areas to help build a stronger community.


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