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Our Technology

We would love to share with you the cornerstone of the care we deliver at Experience Wellness Chiropractic. We are a tonal chiropractic care office, which means our focus is entirely on identifying and reducing interference in you or your child’s nervous system.

EMG Before

EMG Before

EMG after

EMG After

Insight Nerve Scanning System

The Insight Nerve Scanning System allows us to take a look inside your nervous system to see how well it is set up to handle your every day stress.

The Insight is comprised of three different scans used to measure your body’s ability to adapt to and handle stress:

  • HRV measures your reserve capacity to handle stress on a daily basis
  • sEMG measures your muscle tension and energy patterns
  • Thermography measures how deep the stress has gone into your nervous system

The CORE Score

What you really need to know is that with your scans comes the most important health score that you may ever receive: your CORE score. The Insight combines all three scans to give us one score that reflects how your body is adapting to the stress in your life.

It’s simple. We don’t guess, we test…and our tests determine our care plans to help you reach your goals.

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