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Meet Dr. Kevin Levandoski

Dr. Kevin LevandoskiDr. Kevin has been making his way west throughout the years; born in Michigan, raised in Wisconsin and now a Minnesotan for quite some time.

Chiropractic Experience

He fell in love with chiropractic while traveling along his own healing journey when he experienced that health and healing can only come from the inside-out. All we need to heal is already inside of us, we just need someone to help remove the roadblocks that are in the way – how amazing is that?!

Pretty amazing if you ask Dr. Kevin and that is why he has dedicated his life to making sure you and your family are free from any roadblocks to your health. (Chiropractors like to use fancy words every once in a while: the “roadblocks” are actually called “subluxations” which are interferences to the messages being sent from your brain to the rest of your body and back).

Family Gentle Chiropractic

Along with being trained in a gentle adjusting style that is great for all walks of life, Dr. Kevin is also trained in wrangling toddlers, making crying babies smile and loving up sleep deprived mamas and papas.

No matter what brings you in, Dr. Kevin loves it all and is here to serve you.


Dr. Kevin Levandoski | (763) 383-5109