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Meet the Team at
Experience Wellness Chiropractic

The chiropractors of Experience Wellness Chiropractic

Chiropractors Dr. Kevin Levandoski, Dr. Brenna Highby, Dr. Allison Gamoke, and Dr. Jeremy Faue.

Dr. Kevin Levandoski

Dr. Kevin fell in love with chiropractic while traveling along his own healing journey when he experienced that health and healing can only come from the inside-out.

All we need to heal is already inside of us, we just need someone to help remove the roadblocks that are in the way – how amazing is that?!

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Dr. Brenna Highby

Dr. Brenna grew up on her family farm in southwest Minnesota where her desire to love and serve was born. She has trained around the country to learn advanced techniques to best serve her community.

Her whole-body approach allows the body to self-heal naturally from the inside out so everyone can experience life the way God intended.

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Dr. Allison Gamoke

Dr. Allison was born and raised in Plymouth…Wisconsin! Growing up, she always knew she wanted to help people and was fascinated with physiology.

It was actually her younger sister who sparked the idea of a career in chiropractic. She loved the thought of being able to help people experience better lives with a more natural approach to health.

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Dr. Jeremy Faue

“Waking up every day and seeing that life in my child’s eyes gave me an understanding of perfect health and what it means to be well-adjusted from the time you’re born. What it’s like to never be sick or to need medical intervention.
I have a passion to teach the chiropractic lifestyle, and I want to make it accessible to everyone in our community.”
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Meet Our Staff


Chiropractic Assistants, Sarah, Angelina, Madelynn, Maria and Meredith

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