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Unlocking ADHD, Autism Sensory Processing, and More

Check out this future WORLD CHANGER!

Since age 6 Kendric has been observed for ASD and SPD. He had crazy energy and struggled to stay focused in school. Kendric also dealt with frequent headaches and immune challenges…this is what his mom had to stay after starting care at Experience Wellness Chiropractic:

“After attending the Perfect Storm Workshop I knew Kendric needed to be seen. Since starting care he has become more aware of his body and when he needs to slow down. He is able to sit and focus for longer periods of time and he has had little no no headaches since starting care!”

Not only has this little guy been CRUSHING it in school this year, he LOVES it too!

Miles was diagnosed with ADD, social communication issues and anxiety. He struggled with low energy, focus issues, heightened senses, difficulty sleeping and gastrointestinal distress…check out what his mom has to say below!

“We have been seeing specialist for 5 years with our son. Very few have offered plans that have been consistently successful, or something we have been comfortable with. After feeling we had exhausted our options we met Dr. Jeremy and his team. Since we’ve started we have noticed an overall calmness and balance to him. This allows for newfound successes in both school and at home. Because of this we’ve gained confidence to work towards new goals. We are beyond grateful and excited to see where we end up!”

Story Time
Story Time!!

Energy levels and stress management were a daily struggle for Breonah…check out what she has to say now!

“My life has improved because I am happier, more energized and sleep better! Chiropractic has also helped me handle stress better and balance my emotions! I leave here feeling relaxed, calm, happy and just overall better!”

sweet baby with mama
More Naps and Fewer Meltdowns

Parents, Sleep is a major player in determining how well your child can focus in school, control their emotions, and more! If your child struggles with sleep, be sure to join our free online class for parents and we’ll help you get to the root causes of sleep struggles, crankiness, meltdowns, and restlessness.

Look how excited Mr. Judd is about his AWESOME scans!!

It’s been a big week for this guy! Not only did he celebrate his 2nd birthday but he also had huge improvements on his scans!

What does this mean?!…NO more ear infections or doctor’s visits and a better functioning nervous system for this little dude!


When we first met this little guy he was experiencing *daily* stomach aches! His mom told us that he had never asked for a snack or food EVER because anything that he ate resulted in uncomfortable tummy pains. He was in the bottom percentiles for both height and weight and was struggling to grow and develop like the rest of the kids in his class. ?BUT, after his very first adjustment this little guy went home and asked his mom for A SNACK! And the eating didn’t stop there…after just one month of care his mom reports that his lunch box has been coming home EMPTY and he is no longer experiencing daily tummy aches!

Happy kid with chiropractors and parents
More sleep. Loves school. Meltdowns gone.

Parents, Does this sound familiar? When this young man was 8, he had diagnoses of ADHD and sensory processing disorder, as well as a facial tic disorder. He struggled with a lot of anxiety, tantrums, and social situations. He needed deep pressure constantly to calm his nervous system. Sleep was tough! He had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep and would often times end up sleeping on mom and dad’s bedroom floor. On top of all of that, he had allergies and strep infections 4-5 times a year! Now he is in 6th grade and he is THRIVING! When he was asked what has changed since, he made a list:

  • I got a part in a play that I need though I would get because I was too shy
  • I got into accelerated math
  • I don’t shutter anymore
  • I have great focus in school and love it!
  • No more anxiety
  • No more facial tics
  • Sensory stuff is gone
  • Got to get rid of my ADHD meds
  • I don’t have tantrums anymore.
  • I used to get in trouble a lot and now I just don’t!
  • I’m growing taller (still not quite as tall as mom when she wears heels though)

He could have gone on and on but we had to make him stop eventually! We just love this kiddo and all of this process!

time to celebrate

Brody experienced major behavioral and mood changes with chiropractic care! Check out his mom’s testimonial below.

“Our 8 yr old, Brody, has had a very challenging year. His behavior started to take a turn for the worse, his mood was usually horrible, he gained (too much) weight, too fast. He was angry almost all the time, sometimes physically violent. He was diagnosed with a mood disorder and also generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks. He’s seen peds doctors and sleep doctors and psych doctors. We’ve been to the clinic more times than I can count this year. They put him on mood stabilizers and anti psychotic meds. There were times I called the crisis line to have someone come over to help, there were times when I called the police, there were times when I would weep and think about how difficult his entire life was going to be. And now for the good news! Brody, for the past 6 weeks, has been seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy. He has been getting adjusted 2-3x weekly. During this time, we have watched Brody turn back into his old, funny, charming, happy self. He’s been sleeping, in his own bed! He’s no longer physically violent or angry. I have heard him say things like “I can’t believe I don’t have a headache” and “I feel like I’ve lost weight”.

I could go on and on and will, from now on, be an advocate for chiropractic care. It honestly changed our lives, all of us were being affected and now there’s a lot less stress for everyone! There will never be enough thanks.”

More Playtime. Fewer Meltdowns. It’s Possible.