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How Chiropractic Can Address Sensory Processing Disorder

smiling kids playing outisdeEvery day, we all have sensory information coming into the brain, and we have the ability to process that information. It’s our brain’s way of knowing everything going on around it, coming into our body and its surroundings, so it’s our perception of what’s happening to us and around us.

Why is this important? The only way we can have an adequate or proper response to what’s happening within our lives is if we’re processing it properly. There are many kids who have challenges processing sensory information.

The two ways kids struggle with this are either
sensory avoidance or sensory seeking:

Sensory Avoiders

These kids are in a constant state of overwhelm, and therefore they can’t take in anything else. The volume is so high that it’s coming into their brain, and anything more is overwhelming for them. Kids with sensory avoidance cannot handle loud noises and big crowds, and even getting a haircut. They also don’t like feeling tags on their shirts or jeans. Every bit of sensory information seems to overwhelm them, so they avoid everything as much as possible.

Sensory Seekers

On the other side of the spectrum are sensory seekers. These are kids whose brains seek input that they’re not naturally receiving. These kids love considerable sensory input, like big hugs, crashing their body into things, constantly fidgeting and moving. They need all this input because it’s more calming to their brain to have all this input that it’s not receiving on its own.

How Chiropractic Restores Appropriate Sensory Input

Chiropractic care helps restore the appropriate sensory input coming into the brain. When kids need significant sensory input, chiropractic may help calm down their nervous system’s misperception, so they don’t need that so much and can move through their life with more ease.

If the kids are sensory avoiding, chiropractic can help “turn the volume down” and the noise coming into their brain. When that happens, kids can take in more information.

Join Us for Our Next Workshop

If your child is struggling with sensory processing challenges, we’d love to have you join us at our next Perfect Storm workshop, which is geared toward sensory processing and the idea of sensory input and output.

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