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Choosing the Right Guide (Path)

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Guide (Path)

For a long time, it was accepted that really the only thing that determined the health of our kids was their genetics. The Gene Theory basically stated that humans are “coded” for either health or various forms of illness and disease… and that there isn’t much you can do about it.

Thankfully, once that theory was actually researched and studied, it proved to not be true. We learned that our environment and lifestyle have a lot more to do with the health outcomes of our children than their genetic code, through a concept called epigenetics.

As parents, having an understanding of how this works can honestly be both exciting and scary! It’s exciting because it means that traditional medicine was way off base and for the most part, our children’s health is not just left to random chance and good or back luck. But it’s also a bit scary because it truly means we have more control and say in the outcome than we once thought!

But have no fear mom and dad, our Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Series is here! We’ll be sending emails, blogs, and videos out to our tribe over the next many weeks that take you through step-by-step each of the decisions and actions that help ensure your kids are on the ‘path’ to healthy, happy, vibrant lives!

We promise to keep it simple, structured, and entertaining along the way as well!

Let’s get started with Decision #1 – Choosing the Right Guide(s)!

First, let’s look at our current realities. For 90% or more of us starting out, we honestly don’t even know we have more than one choice when it comes to health guidance and health care for our family.

Heck, to even get checked out of the hospital (if you chose to have your baby there, also a choice) they require you to have a Pediatrician come and give your child an exam and recommendations. Right there, it ingrains in most parents that when it comes to the health of that baby, you are not in charge… the doctor is.

Well, let’s look where that has landed us:
[Inline image name : image001.png]

Just one look at that graphic tells us one thing – we need to go in a different direction. Which also means, we need a different guide.

Trusting traditional medicine and the average pediatrician with the health of our children has led us down the path of now having the sickest, most susceptible generation of kids in history.

We could write so many more paragraphs to really depict why this is, but the bulk of it comes from these three (3) elements:

  • Significantly missing the amount of neurosensory challenges (Perfect Storm) brewing in infants and toddlers, and not getting them to an effective early intervention plan
  • The overuse of antibiotics and steroid-based medications
  • The lack of lifestyle and healthy living guidance

Alright, we’ve got that problem clearly highlighted, and honestly, we don’t even need the stats and fancy graphic sheet from above… we can just look around and see how many sick, struggling, stressed, allergy, and illness riddled kids we have of all ages and know we need a different path.

Traditional medicine needs to move from the first option to the last resort. But, who do we turn to instead for guidance and direction towards a healthy, proactive, adaptable future for our kids?

Good news! You’ve got two (2) options!

  • Natural (Nutritional) & Holistic
  • Neurological (Chiropractic)

Reality is, most of you reading this have likely already gone at least a good ways down the natural and nutritional ? road. This approach is the ‘leading’ approach from books, online blogs, Facebook Groups, and so many other awesome avenues we can now tap into and learn from as parents these days!

You’ve probably at least dabbled with things like Vitamin D and probiotics, gluten and dairy free, Paleo or Keto, essential oils and herbs, and so forth.

But as awesome as that approach is to help improve gut function and strengthen the immune response naturally, it can also be entirely overwhelming.

What really is the best diet? What are the best supplement brands? How much and how many should my kid take? Young Living or DoTerra? Almond milk or oat milk?

Also, we meet parents every single day at EWC who’ve truly done it all in both the traditional medical and natural and nutritional space… and yet, their child still struggles. These parents are especially exhausted and running out of hope, because they feel like they’ve literally done it all… and yet not seen the full results they want for the health of their child.

What’s missing? The Nervous System.

Or put specifically, the Autonomic or Central Nervous System. The nervous system’s job is to control, coordinate, and modulate every other cell and system in the body.

It truly is the “mom” of our biology, knowing what’s going on with each and every other system in the body at all times… doing all it can to keep things organized and in order! Well moms, is that an easy job? Not so much.

The “Air Traffic Controller” job becomes even more difficult under stress. And as simple as it sounds, that is the actual #1 cause of even all the childhood illnesses we face today – stress.

When a child’s nervous system is exposed to excessive levels of stress, especially at its earliest stages of development (pregnancy, birth, infancy) it immediately “shifts” into what we call fight-or-flight overdrive mode, known as the sympathetic side of the nervous system.

The problem here is that this side of the autonomic nervous system is designed for survival, not growth and development (health). For 13 years we’ve seen 90% of our pediatric patients be exposed to at least 1 of the 3 early Perfect Storm indicators and stress triggers:

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