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Childhood Fevers-the Body's Natural Way to Fight Sickness

mom taking a sick child's feverWhen kids get a fever, the first thing many parents want to do is lower their temperature through medication, such as acetaminophen. It’s important to remember that a fever is the body’s innate intelligent response to try to get rid of something.

Taking a Wait and See Approach

The most appropriate way to manage a fever is to wait and see, to allow the body to do exactly what it was designed and programmed to do. All too often, we think we need to get rid of the fevers quickly.

Strengthening the Immune Response

When you heal from one thing-when your body successfully defends itself from a respiratory virus or an ear infection, for example-it learns from that. And as our nervous system and our bodies learn, they become increasingly stronger. So as a child goes through a mild illness, their body will develop a more robust immune system.

How to Address Fever Naturally

In addition to ensuring your child gets plenty of rest and is well hydrated, you can place a cold washcloth on their forehead, which is soothing. Snuggle time is always helpful, too, as it’s comforting to children.

Naturally, we also highly recommend chiropractic care. We find that kids under routine chiropractic care tend to get over bouts of sickness faster.

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