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4 Simple Tips to Help You Experience a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

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Here at Experience Wellness Chiropractic we know what an exciting time pregnancy can be. Maybe this is your first baby or you have been through this process a few times. There are so many new experiences filled with joy, but we also know how stressful it can be. Especially if you are struggling with headaches, low back pain, difficulty sleeping at night and you feel exhausted. If any of these things are keeping you from enjoying this special time-we are here to help!

We have 4 simple tips to help you experience a happy & healthy pregnancy.


The first tip is to stay hydrated! It is so important that there is enough water in your day to day routine to stay hydrated. Headaches, fatigue, difficulty controlling blood pressure, and discomfort can be related to how much water you are consuming. Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces of pure water. If you are adding in caffeine or sugary drinks you need to increase this consumption. We recommend having a water bottle wherever you go!


Make sure to move your body daily. Our bodies are designed to move through out the day and getting that regular exercise is going to help prepare your body for delivery. Often you can feel sore and stiff from being stuck in stationary positions. Movement will help combat those aches and pains. Taking time during your day for some simple stretching, prenatal yoga or walks can be great for keeping everything fluid and not feeling stuck.

Prenatal Vitamin

It is important to make sure you are taking a high quality prenatal vitamin. Today our food does not have the same good nutrients like it use to. It is important to have those nutrients to support the growth of your baby. A key ingredient to look for in your prenatal is folate as this helps the development of the baby’s nervous system and brain.


Our last and most important tip is seeking out chiropractic care during your pregnancy. This is a natural way to support your body through pregnancy, delivery and recovery by making sure your nervous system is working at 100% and your pelvis is in a balanced state. Each adjustment is going to help your body adapt to the stress of your day to day life so you can have the most optimal experience possible during your birth and beyond.

The moms in our office often notice wonderful side effects from their adjustments including: more calm, better sleep, more energy, less pain/discomfort and shorter labor and delivery times. At EWC we would love to extend these same benefits to you! Check out these mama’s stories here:

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