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The Difference Between Medical, Natural and Neurological Care

smiling kids looking down at the cameraWhen we think about our healthcare team and the healthcare models we use today when raising healthy kids, there are three viewpoints that are the most typical. Here’s a look at each:

Medical Care

The first tool in most families’ toolbox for taking care of their kids is the medical system, which is medication or simply symptom management. This approach doesn’t get to the root cause of the condition, however.

In our Western medicine society, we have a system that prioritizes things the wrong way. While conventional medicine seeks to manage and control symptoms first, that should be the last thing we’re looking to achieve.

Natural Care

Natural care is another way to say nutritional-based care, which is a vital foundational part of a child’s healthy lifestyle. We want to ensure that our kids get all the vitamins, nutrients and supplements they need to optimize their health.

Neurological Care

This last piece is neurologically based, which is pediatric chiropractic care. Instead of looking at pediatric chiropractic as something used to fix or treat something within a child’s body, we look at chiropractic as the way it was meant to be viewed. That is to enhance the communication between a child’s brain and body.

Laying a Firm Foundation

Parents can help their child have a strong foundation of a healthy body through a healthy nervous system, great nutrition and food choices, and movement.

While the medical system can always be utilized if things go wrong and extra support is needed, it’s always advisable to go the natural route first.

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