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New Patient Center

What to expect at Experience Wellness Chiropractic in Plymouth

Dr. Jeremy adjusts baby Deacon

What to Expect at Experience Wellness Chiropractic

Experience Wellness Chiropractic is a happy place to be that features a high-energy environment. Music plays in the background, and people are hanging out in The Family Farm, an area for kids and families to relax in.

We have open adjusting and semi-private adjusting areas, as well as private examination rooms.

Our fun, welcoming atmosphere will make your entire family feel at home!

Your First Visit

We recommend that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your first appointment, if possible. The paperwork for both adult and pediatric new patients can be found on our website and filled out ahead of time.

Once you arrive, we’ll go through an extensive history to understand your past and current health. Dr. Jeremy goes through an in-depth consultation and examination, including scans taken with the Insight™ Subluxation Station. These scans are noninvasive and identify chronic stress patterns or areas in the body struggling to adapt to stress.

Digital X-ray facilities are located on-site if we need to take images. This appointment takes about an hour, allowing us to collect all information needed to put together a care plan and give you our best recommendations.

Your Second Visit

On your next appointment, we’ll go over all examination results from your first visit, including the neurological assessment scans and digital X-rays, if taken. Dr. Jeremy has a full care plan prepared to bring you back to your desired level of health.

Make Chiropractic Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

New patient center at Experience Wellness Chiropractic in Plymouth

Adjusting the whole family!

The initial care plan that you’ll receive has a beginning and an end. The majority of our patients choose to continue chiropractic care as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why continue care? Because our patients realize how much it means to feel good and function at their absolute best.

It’s like if you trained for a marathon and completed it successfully. You wouldn’t stop running for the rest of your life but rather would find a way to continue incorporating exercise into your daily activities.

Most of our patients find a way to integrate chiropractic into their lives to keep their nervous systems functioning properly.

Maximize Your Health With Our Workshops

Our biweekly wellness orientation workshops for new patients teach you how to maximize your health outside of the office on a day-to-day basis. During this talk, we cover all types of physical, chemical and emotional stresses.

We’re committed to educating our patients, making sure you understand different aspects of health and how we plan to impact them.

Bring your family to a convenient Saturday appointment. Schedule your time with our friendly team today! (763) 383-5109